Serhiy Kiral: Patients cannot endlessly wait for the decisions of politicians

March 24 is an annual World Tuberculosis Day, and the parliamentary platform, headed by Samopomich deputy Serhiy Kiral, joins this action for the second time this year. But it is better to fight this ailment with active actions and the platform aims at taking such actions.

The parliament has registered a draft law on the approval of the state special-purpose social program to combat tuberculosis. Kiral says that it is for the first time that a program which is developed on completely new principles and, accordingly, should introduce new principles and approaches to the treatment of tuberculosis, is introduced. We are talking about more patient-oriented methods of treatment, the rejection of compulsory hospitalization, the possibility of providing social and psychological assistance to patients, new approaches to the choice of medical protocols, medical supplies available in Ukraine.

“This is a whole range of completely new principles that are based on the recommendations of WHO and contain all the requirements set forth by the UN political declaration and the PACE resolution that I drafted, which was adopted last year in April. This special-purpose program was developed in close cooperation with international and public organizations that actively support the fight against tuberculosis in Ukraine.”

However, the parliamentary Health Committee would not approve the draft law. And all because the committee itself has failed to hold its meeting three times in a row due to the lack of a quorum: “It’s a pity that in such an important committee as the Health Committee, the interests and destinies of people are below political ambitions of individual politicians. Patients cannot endlessly wait for the decisions of politicians,” Kiral expresses his indignation.

Therefore, at the round table meeting with the participation of representatives of the largest patient organizations of Ukraine, WHO representatives and MPs, a resolution asking the Committee and all MPs to urgently review this program, approve it and accept it as a whole was adopted.

The fight against tuberculosis is a very topical issue for Ukraine. Every year we record new cases of this disease. Our state is among the top five countries in terms of the number of patients with multi-resistant (complex) forms of tuberculosis, which need a long and very expensive course of treatment. In terms of the absolute number of patients, we are the second in Europe, and about 3,700 patients die each year in the country. And more than 23% of cases of tuberculosis patients in Ukraine are simply not registered.

Therefore, it is very important to change this situation, and the political declaration adopted by the General Assembly of the United Nations, attended by Serhiy Kiral along with the acting Minister of Health Suprun, provides clear requirements for the UN member countries on how to overcome tuberculosis by 2030.

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