Serhiy Kiral: It’s high time we moved from symbolic actions to specific sanctions

The Verkhovna Rada supported the resolution, in which it appealed to the parliaments of foreign states, world leaders, members of the international community in connection with the unlawful sentence of the Russian court passed upon an illegally imprisoned in the Russian Federation Ukrainian citizen Roman Sushchenko. The purpose of the adopted document is the consolidation of the international community in the struggle against the aggressive policy of Russia.

The faction of Samopomich supported the draft resolution. “I also urge you to join the collection of funds for the families of our prisoners and to report that the Ukrainian delegation to PACE will initiate an urgent debate on this issue within two weeks,” says MP Serhiy Kiral from the Samopomich parliamentary faction.

He notes, “I would also like to emphasize that we as a state are not using sanction tools in full scope. Samopomich deputies initiated the adoption of the so-called “Magnitsky Act”. It is one of those tools that impose personal sanctions against those Russian citizens who are directly related to humiliations, convictions, and passing unjust sentences.”

The people’s deputy continues, “These bills have actually been discussed in the Committee on National Security and Defence.” Now the National Security and Defence Council and the President of Ukraine should immediately consider imposing sanctions on more than fifty Russian citizens involved in crimes against Ukrainian citizens and citizens of other countries.

“Dear colleagues, it is high time we moved from symbolic actions to specific sanctions,” Serhiy Kiral addressed the MPs.

Serhij Kiral
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