Semenukha: Instead of watching a competition of ideas and programs, Ukrainians have to endure a battle of medical examinations

“For more than a week, Ukrainians have been watching the competition of superficiality. Instead of presenting competing ideas, programs, algorithms for solving important problems, the headquarters of both candidates are imposing a “battle of medical examinations” on citizens. This is primarily because neither Poroshenko nor Zelenskyi has anything to demonstrate to people,” said MP Roman Semenukha commenting on the course of the inter-election race.

According to the lawmaker, the current president should report to the Ukrainians about his five years in office.

After all, in 2014, he received huge support and trust of people in the first round of elections.

“Unfortunately, the Presidential Administration has been systematically destroying this trust and state institutions along with it,” said Semenukha. “Therefore, Zelenskyi’s support is a protest against the current president, in the first place.”

At the same time, the presidential candidate who receives a third of the votes should demonstrate his values and speak to the point.

“However, instead of a real discussion, people are offered some fictional character. Unfortunately, in such a way, they vote not for future reality, but for a dream. In the past, this only left to enormous disappointment,” noted Roman Semenukha.

“Politicians are managers whom Ukrainians hire. Therefore, Ukrainians need to learn not to be charmed by them, but to be demanding in relation to them,” stated the MP.

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