Semenukha: The “victories” of the authorities are an attempt to conceal the poverty of people

Behind the “victories” of the authorities, there is a disastrous state of the Ukrainian economy. This is stated by MP Roman Semenukha from the Samopomich parliamentary faction. “The creation of a single local Ukrainian Orthodox church is an undoubtedly important historical event. This is the merit of the clergy and many generations of Ukrainians, who won this right. But why is the President using this important historical event for his self-promotion? Looks like this is done with the aim of covering up poverty, because it was during Poroshenko’s presidency that Ukraine became one of the poorest countries in Europe.”

Semenukha notes that, unfortunately, a huge vote of confidence, which the Ukrainian people gave to the President under the challenge of Russian aggression, has been lost. The time, which should have been spent on structural reforms in the economy, has been lost as well. These reforms were supposed to give a tangible socio-economic effect in the fifth year of Poroshenko’s presidency.

“What is actually happening with the country’s economy? Debts on wages are growing – by half a billion hryvnias from the beginning of this year alone. The unemployment rate is growing, and despite the huge labour migration that Ukraine is experiencing today, in November alone, the number of unemployed has increased by 30,000 people. At the same time, the government fails its plan in collecting the unified social tax. And unless another review of the deficit of the Pension Fund is made, this increases the risk of delaying the payment of pensions in the next year. And this is a real verdict to the so-called pension reform of Hroisman,” says MP Roman Semenukha.

Foreign exchange reserves are decreasing, the negative trade balance is growing, and this means that the economy is becoming increasingly import-dependent, the pressure on the national currency will keep growing. The negative trade balance is almost $8 billion, and according to government forecasts, presented in the macroeconomic indicators of the 2019 budget, the situation will only get worse. And this is despite the fact that 2019 is the year of peak payments on debt borrowings for more than 400 billion hryvnias. This is the amount that Ukrainians will have to pay in the next year.

Semenukha notes that the government should react immediately. It has to stimulate the development of those sectors of the economy that are really ready to ensure economic growth, reduce pressure on business, and stimulate the creation of new jobs.

“We need a real growth of the Ukrainian economy by 5-7% of GDP to have minimal social needs ensured. However, today it is obvious to all citizens of Ukraine that the government is not able to govern the state.”

Roman Semenukha, along with the entire Samopomich, is appealing to Ukrainians: “Dear Ukrainians, next year is a unique chance for all of us to choose, in a peaceful and constitutional way, a new government and a new President who will really serve people, who, together with the new government, will provide real economic freedoms, as a result of which from a country of poor people ruled by oligarchs this country will turn into a middle-class country with a powerful economy.”

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