Semenukha: Profit defeated justice in the parliament yet again

Today, the coalition has not supported an important bill that could introduce the institute of a mediator – an unbiased party to a conflict, who is called to quickly help in the settlement of disputes.

“In fact, this is a mechanism of quick resolving of disputes without a court hearing,” explained MP Roman Semenukha. “The introduction of mediation in Ukraine would help thousands of entrepreneurs save time and effort on hundreds of court sessions dedicated to minor conflicts.

People would not need to spend money on legal costs, on attracting specialists, expertise, lawyers. All expenses of the parties stipulated by the law are the remuneration of the mediator agreed upon by both parties.”

According to the MP, the introduction of alternative dispute resolution methods is an effective prerequisite for resolving legal disputes.

However, the parliamentary majority did not approve such innovations. And this is despite the fact that more than 80% of Ukrainians do not trust the judges – this is the data of an All-Ukrainian survey of citizens conducted by experts from GfkUkraine at the end of 2018. The reasons for such a lack of confidence include the fact that courts are overloaded, there are delays in legal proceedings, corruption, publicity of court proceedings, which leads to cases of disclosure of confidential information.

“The fact that there were not enough votes in the parliament for such a bill testifies to MPS’ dependence on the corrupt judicial lobby. The lack of out-of-court settlement of disputes deprives Ukrainians of the opportunity to save time and resources. Profit defeated justice in the parliament yet again,” Roman Semenukha summed up.

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