Semenukha: The government must hear the needs of the miners starving in the parliament and return the insurance payments belonging to them

In the Social Policy Committee of the parliament, miners from different regions of Ukraine — Pavlohrad, Volyn and Lviv regions — have been on a hunger strike for four days.

Media representatives are not allowed to visit them; the miners cannot enter the lobby of the parliament — they are included in the list of persons who are prohibited from entering this area of parliament.

“People are demanding a fair recalculation of monthly insurance payments to those miners who have been injured at work and those who have occupational diseases that have caused their loss of work capacity. People are on the verge now — they have sacrificed their health, but have not received proper and guaranteed payments from the state,” noted MP Roman Semenukha.

Unfortunately, the government does not hear the demands of people. Moreover, during the hour of questions to the government, in response to the demands of MP Semenukha, the Minister of Social Policy actually acknowledged that he was not going to act in accordance with the law and pay the miners.

Roman Semenukha reminds that according to the law, insurance payments are recalculated annually from March 1 on the basis of a coefficient, whose size is determined by the government in proportion to the growth of average wages and inflation. In 2018 this coefficient was approved at the level of 20%, and this year the recalculation was performed with a 5% coefficient. The lawmaker stresses that this does not overlap the level of inflation and does not correspond to the real level of growth in average wages.

The deputy urged the officials to see to the problem and put forward immediate demands to the government:

“First of all, you must finally show some respect for the people and meet with the miners who are starving in the parliament.

Secondly, we need an immediate review of the Cabinet of Ministers’ Resolution No. 160 dated February 20, 2019 and bringing recalculation of payments in line with the law and in line with the increase in average wages over the past year.”


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