Semenukha: On Tuesday, the Parliament is to consider four important IT bills

The first plenary day of the sixth session of the Verkhovna Rada of VIII convocation will become an IT day. MPs plan to consider four important laws in the field of information technology and communications on Tuesday.

As reported by MP of Samopomich Union faction, Roman Semenukha, tomorrow parliamentarians will have to adopt in the second reading and as a whole the bills on electronic trust services, on the use of cloud computing in the public sector, on facilitation of the access to infrastructure, as well as the rejected in the first reading draft law on electronic communications.

“The first three should be definitely supported, because they are getting our country closer to the digital future,” says Roman Semenukha.

However, the MP has serious worries about the bill №3549-1 on electronic communications.

“Electronic communications law was reported back, first of all, because of the principle of regulator formation it provided for in the sphere of communications. It actually proposed that the body should be formed exclusively by the President alone. Even following its finalization these regulations were not removed from the text of the bill.

But the devil is in the details. Who ordered the bill to provide for the possibility for the regulator to inflict “draconian” penalties for mobile phone providers? What kind of world practice is that which offers to give the regulator the right to regulate retail markets? And this is what you call deregulation?” states Roman Semenukha.

Among other things, the bill suggests mandatory registration of citizens upon receipt of a mobile sim-card.

“In other words, this will be an end of the prepaid communications services. In most civilized countries one can buy a sim-card without a passport. In those countries where such an initiative has been implemented the reality is that it turned to be hardly helpful in the fight against fraud and terrorism. By the way, this rule was among the notorious anti-protest laws of January 16th. The question why the real authors of this initiative need this now remains without an answer,” adds Roman Semenukha and encourages his fellow MPs not to support this harmful legislative initiative in the discussion and voting for the bill.

Roman Semenuha
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