Semenukha: The usurpation of power in Kharkiv. The Prosecutor General and the Ministry of Internal Affairs must bring the law back to the city

Today an unprecedented crime took place in Kharkiv. The Samopomich Union faction did not manage to attend a planned session of the Kharkiv city council: some unknown people blocked the building and the deputies could not take part in the meeting.

“Such actions fall under Article 351 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine – obstruction of the activities of MPs or deputies of city councils. We believe that this event is a logical continuation of that chaos and rampant criminal activity that are now going on in the city of Kharkiv,” says MP, Kharkiv resident Roman Semenukha. Within a few weeks, two anti-corruption activists have been beaten in the city – one of them is a Samopomich deputy.

“In fact, today, having eliminated the opposition deputies from participating in the meeting, Kharkiv city council headed by chairman Kernes made decisions on distributing several million hryvnias, Roman Semenukha adds. Because of the arbitrariness Samopomich was not even able to take part in the discussion!”

According to MP Yaroslav Markevych, in a short time with no discussion the city council managed to make decisions with regard to 70 issues on the agenda.

“On average, no more than a minute was spent discussing each issue. Millions of budget funds were distributed like this,” Markevych is outraged.

“It’s not only about the Samopomich faction. After all, we can have different opinions, we can argue. But what has happened today is not just a criminal offense. This is the return of crime to power in Kharkiv, this is the usurpation of power. I’m asking the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada to immediately instruct the Prosecutor General of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs to intervene in the situation in the Kharkiv region and return the law to the city of Kharkiv,” says Roman Semenukha.

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