Semenukha: “The cynicism of the pro-Russian forces in Kharkiv is a consequence of the impunity of those who wanted to have the Russian world there”

Samopomich deputy Roman Semenukha is addressing the SBU, the Prosecutor General’s Office and other law enforcement agencies to give a legal assessment of the actions of the Opposition Bloc representative Yevheny Muraiev. On June 19, 2019, at the session of the Kharkiv City Council, the latter called Samopomich deputies – activists, volunteers, war veterans – who were present at the meeting – “neo-Nazis”.

“I understand that Muraiev and the Opposition Bloc do not like Samopomich as such, but what kind of man can give such names to the people who defended Kharkiv and Ukraine from the Russian invasion?”

According to Roman Semenukha, Muraiev’s statements are the violation of two articles of the Criminal Code of Ukraine: article 161 – inciting ethnic hatred and article 111 – high treason. And law enforcement officers have no right to ignore this.

The cynicism lies in the fact that on June 19, 2019, the Kharkiv City Council adopted an illegal decision to rename the Dissident Hryhorenko Avenue to Marshal Zhukov Avenue. While the latter is a man who for 18 years had been holding various positions in the USSR Ministry of Defence, was a member of the presidium of the Central Committee of the USSR Communist Party. According to Ukrainian laws, this person cannot be mentioned in the names of Ukrainian streets and avenues. Semenukha promises to have this decision of the Kharkiv City Council cancelled, but Kharkiv prosecutor’s office should immediately give a legal assessment of this event.

“It should be understood that yesterday’s decision of the City Council is a direct and logical consequence of the impunity of people who invited the “Russian world” to the peaceful city of Kharkiv in 2014-2015. This feeling of impunity has let the Kharkiv Council demonstrate its pro-Russian inclinations more and more often in an increasingly arrogant way. At first, there was an attempt to demolish the “Everything for Victory” tent in the centre of Kharkiv, which had become a symbol of the struggle of Kharkiv against the Russian invasion, which is still a centre for volunteer help for the participants in the war. And now we are witnessing how the names of the Soviet regime symbols are being returned to the streets of Kharkiv.”

There must be an immediate reaction from law enforcement officers. The lawmaker notes:

“Kharkiv is a peaceful multinational city. Dear law enforcement officers, do your job, abide by the law, otherwise the people of Kharkiv themselves will cope with the pro-Russian revenge, as they already did in 2014-2015.”

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