Semenukha: This is a using up budget and the budget for building a police state

MP Roman Semenukha from the Samopomich faction notes that the 2019 budget is shameful and unrealistic. The security and government officials are the only ones benefiting from this budget.

“The Security Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Internal Affairs are going to have their expenditures increased by almost 25%; the Prosecutor General’s Office – by 6%, although, their expenditures should be decreased given the fact there is now the State Bureau of Investigation operating now. While the expenditures on the police state are increased by a quarter, we see a huge underfunding of educational subventions, medical subventions.”

Semenukha also notes that when it comes to the army, the promises of the government are extremely different from the real state of things.

“Out of 80 billion hryvnias for defence, only 16 billion hryvnias are spent on upgrading and purchasing new weapons. This is the same as it was last year. There is even less money provided for the construction of housing for military personnel than in the current year.”

MPs keep talking all the time how much they care about young people. Yet, when it comes to real actions, only 27 million hryvnias (in comparison with this year’s 35 million) are provided in the budget for the loans for the youth.

The government “loves” pensioners in the same way. Semenukha states:

“The Pension Fund deficit is going to increase from 139 to 166.5 billion hryvnias. It is unclear because of what and who this is going to happen. We assume that the government with the Presidential Administration are going to give some one hundred hryvnias to the pensioners before the elections in March.”

The people’s deputy notes that the government’s actions are discordant with its promises to do everything for the people. Our only hope is that the budget 2020 will be formed by the new government.

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