Semenukha: The stereotype about the division of the east and the west will collapse when Ukrainians can travel around the country

“We need to get to know each other. Over 28 years of independence we have not managed to truly get acquainted. Many Ukrainians still have stereotypes about the inhabitants of the west and east, and these stereotypes can be destroyed only when people have the opportunity to travel around the country,” said people’s MP Roman Semenukha in an interview for the Rivne media.

In particular, the MP notes that in Ukraine there are no flight connections even between million-plus cities, trains travel for an unreasonably long time, and between some regional centres, there are even no roads.

“The situation can and should be changed immediately,” says the lawmaker. “And the leader of Samopomich, the presidential candidate Andriy Sadovyi has a clear understanding of how to “sew Ukraine together” with the help of roads, bridges, and airports.”

According to Semenukha, we are talking about restoring the work of domestic airports and transforming them into modern service and logistics centres through public-private partnership tools and the creation of a national low-cost carrier. Andriy Sadovyi also plans to create conditions for the development of river traffic through the transparent regulation of the operation of water transport.

“The experience of Lviv, which, thanks to Sadovyi, has become one of the hundred most visited cities in the world and one of the most qualitative in terms of the standard of living in Ukraine, should be spread country-wide,” the deputy concludes.

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