Semenukha: Petro Poroshenko’s staff is preparing a massive bribing of voters

“Samopomich is receiving information from all over Ukraine about the mass voter bribery organized by the staff of Petro Poroshenko,” said MP Roman Semenukha during a meeting of the Coordination Board.

He is appealing to Poroshenko’s staff to recall the lessons of history – when Ukrainians are deprived of the choice as it happened in 2004 and in 2013-2014, this ends very badly for those who did this to them.

“We demand an immediate reaction and the cessation of any attempts to falsify the elections by massive voter bribery. It is very good that the Minister of Internal affairs is paying attention to this issue today; but it is a pity that the Minister did not notice this before during the elections to the United Territorial Communities, by-elections to the parliament and so on.

If the intentions of the Minister of Internal Affairs are honest, then the people who are collecting data in the regions and are actually building a financial pyramid to distort the election results must be held accountable.”

“The next session is the last one before the presidential elections. Today, many are pinning their last hope on these elections, because this is actually the only peaceful way to constitutionally choose different authorities. To choose the person who will finally eliminate the oligarchs from state decision-making, who will unite and modernize the country. A person who will provide conditions for sustainable economic growth and the emergence of a middle class in Ukraine.”

However, Roman Semenukha believes that despite the elections, the Verkhovna Rada must fulfil its constitutional duties and make decisions important for citizens and the state.

“The debt of the population for housing and communal services is about 55 billion UAH as of December. Is this not a verdict for the government and the new requirement of the Ministry of Social Policy on the provision of subsidies?

Samopomich requires urgent decisions:

The law on the tax on withdrawn capital instead of the income tax. That is what will ensure additional GDP growth, reduce administrative pressure on business.

Consideration of the bill 6489 in the second reading, which reduces draconian fines for business.

Prolongation of the grace period for the customs clearance of the cars with foreign registration.

The law on pensions for military retirees.

The adoption of a new electoral code, which will eliminate the majority election system, will open the lists, so that people could have the opportunity to vote for the party and for the person.

“It is precisely the majority system that has become the key to building an oligarchic system that has reigned in the state for 20 years making it the poorest one in the world. Election code, open lists will give a chance for a renewed parliament.”

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