Semenukha: In the fifth year of the war, the Security Service should finally publish the names of all civil servants with dual citizenship

Ukraine should react more harshly to the Russian sanctions lists. A deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, Roman Semenukha, is convinced of this.

“Ukraine should react in the following way: first of all, it should arrest Medvedchuk and exchange him for Ukrainian prisoners; then impose severe sanctions against Russian companies, Russian citizens involved in armed aggression against Ukraine. And most importantly – in the fifth year of the war, the Security Service must finally publish the names of all civil servants, MPs, mayors of cities who have dual citizenship, first and foremost – the citizenship of the Russian Federation. This is what Ukraine should have done if it had the institutions that would serve the state.”

Roman Semenukha, like almost the entire faction of the Samopomich Union, is included in the sanctions list of the Russian Federation. Its extended part was published on 25/12/2018. Semenukha himself does not consider this Kremlin list something serious:

“This is definitely not a sanction list, and given the fact that there are dozens of ex-members of Yanukovych’s Party of Regions there and such odious personalities as Vilkul, Murayev, Trukhanov, Dobkin — this is definitely not a sanction list, this is yet another information operation of the Russian Federation. The technology is as follows: they take a few people who really fight for the independence of the country, who are consistent in their position in the Ukrainian parliament and mix them with “regionals” and Kremlin accomplices – the people who have worked for the Kremlin for years, if not decades. How can one treat such lists seriously? There are dozens of people with Russian citizenship there, those who brought the war to this country.”

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