Semenukha: It is up to us, Ukrainian citizens, what the country will be after March 31

The news concerning the election of the President of Ukraine, which will take place in a few weeks, is increasingly reminiscent of the news from the front. MP Roman Semenukha from the Samopomich Union faction explains: “The SBU is wiretapping presidential candidates left and right, presidential candidates are hiring titushkas left and right, resorting to disinformation, discrediting and other methods aimed at destroying their opponents. Various law enforcement agencies are involved in the activities and confrontation of the election headquarters of the two candidates.”

In addition, the headquarters of the two presidential candidates are now creating the biggest scheme of bribing voters since Ukraine’s independence. Its cost, according to various estimates, is more than 1 billion hryvnias. The parliamentarian notes:

“What kind of legality and legitimacy of the presidential election can we talk about if two candidates are actually preparing for an unprecedented election fraud?! Who is paying for this all? This money is a consequence of a systematic robbery of billions of taxpayers’ hryvnias, of funds from the state budget, first of all, from the defence budget.”

Today, despite the numerous initiatives of the Samopomich Union faction to make the defence budget transparent and open, it remains the most closed part of the state budget.

Roman Semenukha concludes, “What became known from the investigation of the Bihus team is only the tip of the iceberg. It is impossible to overcome corruption in the state if it is headed by senior officials, together with the heads of law enforcement agencies. There is only one peaceful way to constitutionally bring them to criminal responsibility and remove them from power – to make your choice on March 31 during the presidential elections.

It is up to us, Ukrainian citizens, what the country will be after March 31.”

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