Semenukha: The proposal to raise the labor record is nothing more than an increase in the retirement age

“It is absolutely fair that, finally, the government is ready to perform its homework and abolish the shameful discriminatory 15% tax for working pensioners. However, we have no right to make this dependent on adoption of the pension reform.

This was promised by the previous government!” state Samopomich deputies.

Samopomich MPs draw attention to what has been announced by the Prime Minister, namely: an increase in the pension insurance record is nothing more than an increase in the retirement age. “We cannot let this happen under any circumstances. I am appealing to all my colleagues, to all the factions: we must do everything and make the government find money in such a way which will not raise the retirement age in any way. Today, according to statistics, men, for example, do not even make it to that age. “That is, such a step is inadmissible under any conditions,” Roman Semenukha says.

“We believe that any pension reform should start with an audit: a transparent public audit of the Pension Fund. Today, Ukrainian taxpayers are spending 3 billion hryvnias on administering of the Pension Fund. I am convinced that this figure can be substantially reduced. We are spending 1.2 billion hryvnias on the central bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Next: we must finally create a single transparent register of recipients of all social payments, first of all, of pensions. This will ensure transparency, will overcome pension tourism and payments to ghost pensioners.

And the most important thing that should be there at the end of the pension reform. It must ensure transparency so that people could see how payments are made. The second thing is justice. This is when how much you get depends on how much you earned, how much you worked in your life.  And also dignity. We must honestly admit that without the introduction of a second level of accumulation, there will be no decent pension. We need to talk about this honestly,” the MP said.

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