Semenukha: “While in the parliament there are only talks about open lists, Samopomich has already started forming its own”

MP Roman Semenukha reported about this on the air of one of Ukrainian TV channels, commenting on the internal primaries that had already begun at regional party conferences.

In particular, Roman Semenukha informed that Samopomich would present 80% of fresh faces in the upcoming parliamentary elections – individuals who had not been in politics before.

“Social activists, experts, representatives of the regions of Ukraine – we want the whole Ukraine to be involved in the process of forming the future electoral list of our political party.”

At the same time, according to Roman Semenukha, the current faction deputies will undergo a rigorous selection process. First, they will fight for the mandate of trust within the party.

“According to the results of such primaries, deputies will continue to fight for the trust of their voters. This is the most open and logical process of forming lists, where there will be no dark horses or people unknown to the voters. After all, those who want to gain the trust of voters should receive support within the party in the first place,” summed up the MP.

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