Semenukha: Kharkiv city authorities are destroying historical buildings

Dozens of architectural monuments in Kharkiv are on the verge of destruction due to the lack of necessary care and the irresponsibility of those who are destroying the city’s historical memory.

This was announced from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada by MP Roman Semenukha. The lawmaker states that while historical monuments are being destroyed, the local authorities are making fortunes on those who can still bring money.

“A striking proof of this is the recent fire in the House with a spire. The basement and the ground floor of this city’s gem are now in private ownership; in particular, there are four food spots working on the premises.

A fire broke out there because of the non-observance of fire regulations; more than 800 inhabitants of this building could have become its victims,” noted Semenukha.

According to the deputy, despite its historical value, the building is constantly undergoing restructuring. The load-bearing walls, foundation, asphalt pavement along the facade are destroyed. This results in cracks and destruction of the facade plaster, bricks and spire structures.

Fearing both for the historical monument and for their own lives, the residents of the building have repeatedly appealed to the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate, the local authorities, law enforcement agencies to stop the restructuring. However, they only received some formal replies, while the destruction of their home continued.

“I demand an immediate response from the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate and the city authorities of Kharkiv to such blatant violations of the law on the protection of historical monuments. Stop pretending that nothing is happening while one of the city’s gems is being destroyed before your very eyes,” Roman Semenukha summarized.

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