Semenukha: “The implementation of Minsk agreements is the capitulation of Ukraine”

“Today, the Office of the current president and the president himself have no idea how to resist Russia and win the war,” says Samopomich’s deputy Roman Semenukha. Such conclusions follow from statements that we hear from the team of the head of state.

In particular, NSDC Secretary O. Danyliuk says in an interview that generally they are ready to implement the Minsk agreements in full. While those agreements cannot even be called agreements – these are just arrangements because they have not been ratified by parliament. According to Semenukha, this means that today, unfortunately, there is not a single, subjective position in the presidential administration. Moreover, the entire political part of the Minsk agreements is the absolute path to surrender:

“If today O. Danyliuk, the Secretary of the National Security and Defence Council, speaks about the readiness to implement Minsk, I warn you.”

Semenukha also promised: “If tomorrow “The Servant of People” starts implementing Minsk agreements in parliament – and they provide for changes to the Constitution with the aim of granting certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions special status, which in fact legalizes the militants, the local so-called courts, the prosecutor’s office etc. – then Samopomich will resist and will fight in any way. Because it is nothing more than surrender.”

Roman Semenukha is also very concerned about the statements coming from the presidential entourage both in the direction of Poland and Russia: “I don’t want my country to be called a victim. This is a position of the losing party – as if we have thrown up cards and that’s it. No!

President Zelensky and his team are a big white sheet, because they did not say much during the presidential election. But today, this white screen is starting to be filled with information. And there are many questions to the information we see.”

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