Semenukha: “Kharkiv must conduct an audit of the state of networks and redistribute the budget for the overhaul of the heating system”

In recent days, several large-scale accidents in the heat supply system have occurred in Kharkiv, which led to the disconnection from heat supply of more than 600 houses, schools, and hospitals. As noted by Samopomich MP Roman Semenukha, unfortunately, the situation continues to gain momentum, because at such low temperatures internal networks in homes and apartments begin to deteriorate.

Experts estimate that the wear coefficient of central heating systems in Kharkiv is 77% on average. And, despite the fact that the Samopomich faction in the city council has repeatedly stressed the need for major repairs and replacement of pipes, this year the city has provided less than 4 million hryvnias for these purposes.

“Unfortunately, the authorities sometimes resort to frivolous and populist things: for image projects alone in the course of 2-3 years, the city council allocated several billion hryvnias, while municipal services are in a terrible condition, which leads to disastrous consequences for Kharkiv residents. For example, in this and last year, about 2 billion hryvnias were provided for the reconstruction of the zoo. The logic behind is clear – what happens under the ground is not visible. And so they thought it would be always like this.”

Samopomich deputies in the Kharkiv city council demand to convene an extraordinary session in order to listen to the head of the communal enterprise “Kharkiv heating networks” reporting about the causes of the accident, to oblige him to prepare a plan for reconstruction of the city’s heating networks, and to adopt a decision to conduct an external audit of the enterprise.

“I am convinced that an audit of the state of central networks, in particular heating ones, must be carried out immediately, as well as a public audit of the utility company “Kharkiv heating networks”. But most importantly, we must all learn a lesson from this and Kharkiv should redistribute its budget putting an end to wasting. How can we be dealing with image projects if our pipes are destroyed? The mistakes that were made must be immediately corrected,” Roman Semenukha concludes.

Roman Semenuha
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