Semenukha: The state must protect the entrepreneurs who work by the rules and pay taxes

The MP state this during a briefing in the Verkhovna Rada, commenting on the difficult situation in which the entrepreneurs of the Barabashovo market in the city of Kharkiv have found themselves.

In particular, the deputy spoke of what was happening with the market. This market is 14th in the ranking of the largest markets in the world and is one of the largest in Eastern Europe.

“In the 90s, this market was a salvation for thousands of people who had lost their jobs because of the crisis. Since that time, entrepreneurs have developed the marketplace at their own expense. In fact, they invested their own money in the development of the market infrastructure. However, because of the legal indefiniteness of the status of the land on which this market is located, these entrepreneurs have to settle for the requirements of intermediaries, pay informal fees in order to have the right to work on their own sites. And such lawlessness has been there for more than 20 years,” noted Roman Semenukha.

The fact that titushky are openly exercising pressure on the market and do let people work there if these people refuse to pay is confirmed by local entrepreneur Tetiana Hlukhodid: “I have been working for Barabashovo for 20 years now. My shop, which I bought for my own money, has been blocked along with all the goods for 5 months. There are some unknown persons standing round-the-clock next to my shop and not letting me work. And this is a systematic problem. Titushky are not letting people work unless the latter agree to pay illegal fees. My right to work is being violated without charge or trial. And my repeated appeals to the police produce no results.”

Roman Semenukha notes that such a problem must be solved without delay – the issue of land should be solved, and the trade should be legalized.

“Kharkiv authorities must find a way to legalize the property built by entrepreneurs to give them the right to work legally. The business itself says that it is ready to pay all the taxes and work legally, so the state must do everything to guarantee people’s right to their property and the ability to carry out entrepreneurial activities,” concluded the deputy.

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