Semenchenko: We are calling upon the Donetsk police and special forces to combat smuggling, instead of intimidating activists of the blockade

Today Donetsk police and special forces officers stopped the volunteers and participants of the trade blockade against the occupier at a checkpoint near Bakhmut city. The people were returning to Mariupol and Kryvyi Rih for a rotation. The buses were detained near Konstantynivka and Chasiv Yar.

For an hour and a half the law enforcement officers were checking documents, searching personal belongings, mobile phones of the volunteers and activists, among whom there were veterans of the Kryvbas volunteer battalion. Moreover, the police officers warned that the senior officers would come and the apprehended would be taken to the police station.

Due to the intervention of veterans and people’s deputies, Taras Pastukh and Semen Semenchenko, the volunteers and activists were freed, and so they arrived home safely. A well-known volunteer from Mariupol, Masha Ukrainska, said that despite the intimidation, after a short rest the volunteers would return to help the participants of the blockade.

“The police and special forces had better perform their direct duties – fight against smuggling, counterfeiting, financing the terrorists. We have to put an end to the intimidation of volunteers and activists,” said Semen Semenchenko.

Semen Semenchenko
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