Semenchenko: Intelligence reports a concentration of the occupation troops’ armoured vehicles – more than 50 units – near the 29th checkpoint

Semenchenko reports about the concentration of the occupation troops’ armoured vehiclesnear the 29th checkpoint, and insists on the report of the Chief of General Staff at a meeting of the relevant committee of the Parliament. Semenchenko wrote this on his Facebook page.

“Intelligence reports a concentration of the occupation troops’ armoured vehicles – more than 50 units which freely came from Luhansk last night – near the 29th checkpoint.

There are the enemy’s mortars firing at our territory. Yesterday our checkpoints were swept with all the possible shotguns, today the shooting is occasional. We are waiting. The Army, the National Guard, Donbas battalion. As a commander, I’m with the guys; we are ready to repel the attack,” – says deputy of the “Samopomich” faction, commander of the “Donbas” battalion Semen Semenchenko.

He also notes that as the first deputy head of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security and Defence he conducts on-site monitoring of provision and arming of the fighters.

“We will discuss the results at the committee meeting as soon as the situation at the front becomes less tense,” – says Semenchenko.

In addition, the MP believes that it is necessary to listen to the Chief of General Staff at the committee meeting.

“The Chief of General Staff should be invited for us to be informed what is going on at the airport, at the 31st and 29th checkpoints, where aviation is, where coordination is, and what we have done during the “armistice”, – says the commander, stressing that again there is information that Russian forces transferred additional troops to the areas of Ukrainian troops disposition.

Semen Semenchenko
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