Semen Semenchenko: If we had taken Ilovaisk back in 2014, the war would have ended very quickly

On Monday, August 28, Ukraine honors the memory of the Ukrainian soldiers who died in Ilovaisk. People’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction, commander of the Donbas battalion Semen Semenchenko believes that: “If had taken Ilovaisk back them, three years ago, the war would have ended very quickly.”

Recalling those events, the battalion commander emphasizes that the volunteers did not receive real support from the military leadership of the state, which caused the death of many defenders of Ukraine. “The task was as follows: battalions “Donbas” and “Right Sector”, together with “Dnipro” battalion take one part of Ilovaisk, while “Shakhtarsk” and “Azov” take another one. “Donbas” entered Ilovaisk with no human loses, covered its part, entrenched itself, and reported. They were waiting for a backup. And then everything is very simple: you either provide some backing up to take over the whole city, or draw out the troops. However, there were no additional troops sent for the city to be taken, and no command to leave the city either. So they waited till August 29, when Russian tanks and armored personnel carriers were all around Ilovaisk.”

Semen Semenchenko believes that these are chief of the General Staff Muzhenko, chief of the ATO headquarters Nazarov, and the Minister of Defence Heletei who are responsible for the events of Ilovaisk. “And given the fact that we aren’t talking about a single battle, but about a series of them that are systematically covered, given the Minsk agreements that followed,  I am sure that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko is involved in this as well,” the MP emphasizes, adding that the relevant testimony was given to the law enforcement bodies.

Semen Semenchenko is convinced that the chances of a fair judicial decision concerning the events of three years ago are very poor in the context of the current authorities. “Nevertheless, we all must fight to make sure that the soldiers did not die for nothing. They gave their lives for Ukraine, which they saw at Maidan, for which our ancestors fought. I want this Ukraine to become a reality. Therefore, we must do everything so to make the guys who are now in heaven know that the truth will triumph. Let’s fight together, I believe Ukraine will win.”

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