Semen Semenchenko: “Ukroboronprom” is one of the honeypots of Poroshenko and his entourage”

Since 2014, the people of Petro Poroshenko have been placed in “Ukroboronprom”. This is why, according to Samopomich MP Semen Semenchenko, the concern has become known for its non-professionalism, withdrawal of funds through straw companies, overstatement of prices, manipulations with foreign economic contracts.

The politician adds that today “Ukroboronprom” is yet another honeypot for Poroshenko and his fellow thieves. The people’s deputy accentuates: “Firstly, the withdrawal of money for alleged supplies of spare parts and various services to straw companies with the subsequent conversion and plunder of this money. The spare parts are either not supplied at all, or those that are in stock are supplied – they are simply resold for the second time.

Secondly, the fact that Poroshenko has appointed incompetent but dependent, close, reliable for him and his entourage people as the leadership of the concern has resulted in the problem of incompetent management over the concern and its factories. For example, the state defence order for 2016 was not executed; in the time of war this is not only unacceptable, but also criminal.

Thirdly, there are manipulations during the execution of external contracts, namely: the payment of a commission allegedly for the search for clients. In fact, these are the relatives of the management of the concern or the leadership of other structures close to Poroshenko that receive these payments.”

However, according to Semen Semenchenko, the military prosecutor’s office and its head Anatoliy Matios only provide non-committal replies to all deputy inquiries regarding these violations from 2015s. The people’s deputy notes: “Not a single criminal case has been proved in court. In order to prevent MPs from “digging”, mud-slinging campaigns began. There was no result.

Then, it was NABU that started seeing to these cases… The National Anti-Corruption Bureau has been dealing with the concern for more than a year. Now some cases are already at the stage of preparing notices of suspicion. Some notices of suspicion have already been presented.

However, the problem is that because of Poroshenko’s reluctance to surrender his corrupt environment, we still do not have a special Anti-Corruption Court, and the main courts are dawdling on the cases.”

Taking this into account, Samopomich demands to dismiss of the leadership of the concern, the persons involved in criminal cases connected with state money fraud, as well as a number of heads of accompanying enterprises who are unprofessional and guilty of disrupting the state defence order!

In addition, Samopomich once again recalls that it is necessary to establish civilian parliamentary control over defence spending, because these problems of the concern are directly related to the secrecy of the defence budget of the country. “There is a direct dependence here. If we, MPs will know what money is allocated for, we will be able to control it,” concludes Semen Semenchenko.

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