Semen Semenchenko: We will not let sling mud at volunteers and falsify cases

MP from the “Samopomich Union”, Semen Semenchenko, was reinstated in the military rank. The corresponding decision was made by the court today.
“District Administrative Court of Kyiv considered the claim of Semen Semenchenko against the former Acting Commander of the National Guard, Mykola Balan. The court ruled that the order to relieve Semenchenko of his military rank was illegal, overturned it, and thereby reinstated Semenchenko in the rank,” said lawyer Roman Tytykalo.
When commenting on the decision of the court Semen Semenchenko stressed, “Volunteers defended their homeland not for privileges or ranks, but in order for Ukraine to exist, for people to have the opportunity to speak their native language.”
“We do not care about the ranks. We all are volunteers, and this is the most honorable rank given to us by people. But we will not allow the corrupt gang which is now in power in Ukraine to discredit volunteerism, to sling mud at it, to illegally falsify the cases and send volunteers to jail. We will fight for everyone – a common soldier, major, volunteer, and we will fight the corruptionists and traitors of Ukraine at all the fronts – legal, political, etc.,” sums up the MP.
Tomorrow Semenchenko will file a claim to NABU to bring to criminal liability those officials of the Chief Military Prosecutor’s Office and the National Guard who abused the office by actually falsifying the case.

Semen Semenchenko
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