Semen Semenchenko: We must put an end to theft in the army

Where is the money that the government allocates for defence? According to Semen Semenchenko, this is the issue that concerns both the military, who receive faulty weaponry, and citizens, who pay a military tax.

Today, there was a meeting of the Defence and Anti-Corruption Committees of the Parliament, which was attended by representatives of “Ukroboronprom”.

Semen Semenchenko says that he wanted to hear the guests’ response to a number of pressing issues, among them – corruption at the concern, investigation into the cases of thefts of parts from warehouses and embezzlement.

However, the representatives of “Ukroboronprom” in answer to any essential question would only say, “Write a deputy’s request.”

“They did not want to give answers during the meeting. They don’t care about the people of Ukraine, who with the help of deputies are trying to find out where the money allocated for defence goes,” explains Semen Semenchenko.

A colleague of the deputy, Samopomich faction representative, Yehor Soboliev, adds, “Today we have received a lot of yelling and a little information. Nevertheless, this is already a step forward in comparison with the Soviet concealment, when all the information on defence was secret, and those who asked were considered to be spies.”

Moreover, the MP says that the politicians managed to reach an agreement on establishment of a group which will visit the defence enterprises, to which there are questions, and check their contracts.

“MPs have access to state secrets, it is possible to do it,” says Yehor Soboliev, adding that the country should be moving towards the system currently existing in the US, when at the website of the Defence Ministry one can find details of the contracts and see who and for what services received the taxpayers’ money.

“The defence will only benefit from that, concludes the deputy. Firstly, this reduces the opportunities for corruption. Secondly, the society will be able to analyze the efficiency of the use of their money.”

Semen Semenchenko
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