Semen Semenchenko: “What can we expect from enemies, when friends bury the things of dead fighters in animal burial sites?”

Commenting on the fact that recently in the territory of a farm in the Dnipropetrovsk region volunteers found dozens of bags with the belongings of those killed under Ilovaisk Ukrainian fighters, MP Semen Semenchenko of the Samopomich faction notes, “In 2014, a local police chief brought 38 bags full of what the fighters had on them and in their pockets to the territory of a local state farm and left them there – allegedly for them to dry out. He did not say anything to anyone and disappeared for four years.

According to volunteers, all these things were buried in the territory of a cattle graveyard. They have been there for four years. They were ransacked by homeless people, torn up by dogs, when finally local farmers called the volunteers. The volunteers arrived, found it all very quickly, called the police and then it was established that these were things from the car with the remains of 98 men who died in Ilovaisk. The car that arrived in Dnipro back in 2014. It is still difficult to establish so far to which units these things belong.”

The MP continues, “Those who had been destroying the country and the army until 2014 – fled in 2014, and the volunteer fighters were the ones who stopped Putin and gave us the chance and time to rebuild the army. And that’s how we honour the memory of heroes! Crosses, awards, children’s letters, personal belongings, all the memory – in a cattle burial site. And this is done not by German or Russian fascists, but by those who call themselves Ukrainians.”

“What can we expect from enemies, when we do things like this to each other?” emphasizes Semen Semenchenko. “If, despite the four-year-long promises of three different Prosecutors General there is still no trial in Ilovaisk or Debaltseve cases? If in the fourth year of the war the volunteers and soldiers are serving time in jails?”

According to the people’s deputy, the volunteers with whom he spoke the other day are sure that this is not the only burial place like this. Therefore, Semen Semenchenko is addressing the residents of Dnipropetrovsk region: “If in 2014 you saw a scumbag in uniform who brought some things like these to dry out and then disappeared, please inform. It’s a matter of memory of our soldiers.”

He concludes, “A lot of things were found; these things should have been identified and passed on to the families of the deceased as a memory back in 2014. And everything that could not be identified, should have been buried by all the rules.”

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