Soboliev: SBU should conduct an investigation in relation to Murayev – then it will be possible to deprive him of his seat in the parliament and of his liberty

MP Yevhen Murayev of the Opposition Bloc is conducting pro-Russian propaganda and is working in the interests of the country that is killing Ukrainians, says Yehor Soboliev, a people’s deputy representing Samopomich Union:

“It is a clear propaganda of the enemy, an obvious high treason. It is difficult to imagine what the soldiers must feel at the front when they see that a people’s deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine can act like this.”

Soboliev believes that the parliamentary committee on regulations and deputy ethics should assess the actions of Murayev.

However, the committee can state there was the violation of the deputy ethics and come up with various recommendations, including suspension from meetings, but the parliament cannot take away the mandate.

“I do not understand what else is needed for the chairman of the Security Service and the leaders of other bodies that must investigate such crimes. It is very important to conduct an investigation, then it will be possible to deprive Murayev of his seat in the parliament and of his liberty,” emphasizes Yehor Soboliev.

We shall recall that recently at one of the TV channels MP Yevhen Murayev from Opposition bloc faction called Oleg Sentsov a terrorist. He also refers to the Revolution of Dignity as a coup d’état, and the war in Donbas as a civil conflict.

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