Samopomich appealed to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau asking to clarify the information on the abuses on the part of Dnipro city council Secretary

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Samopomich Union political party, MP Oleh Lavryk, has sent an appeal to the chairman of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau, Artem Sytnyk, asking to clarify the information published in the media about the abuse of office in the personal interests and interests of his family members by the Secretary of the Dnipro City Council, Vyacheslav Mishalov.

The appeal says that NABU is asked to check the facts stated in a journalistic material and take the necessary response measures.

“We are acting in accordance with the law. Since there are media accusations, we are asking the relevant structure to check them. All representatives of Samopomich, like any other citizens are equal in the eyes of the law, and we will never make any exceptions. Mr. Mishalov is not a member of the party, but he is elected as our representative to the city council, and therefore it is important for us to find out the truth,” Oleh Lavryk notes.

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