Samopomich prevented yet another attempt to rig the election

On Thursday, February 8, the Verkhovna Rada did adopt the draft law #3833 on granting asylum to homeless people, and sent the document for a repeated second reading. People’s deputy of the Samopomich Union faction Roman Semenukha says that this document is another example when under the guise of good intentions unacceptable things are hidden.

He explains, “The proposed method and procedure for registration of such persons leave room for huge manipulations. For example, a week before the elections, 100-500-1000 people may appear all of a sudden and they can significantly affect the election results.”

Between the first and second reading, Samopomich faction submitted the necessary amendments to minimize the risks of fraud. Generally speaking, these amendments concern the following three things.

“First of all, such social institutions should be registered only by local self-government bodies, public authorities; it is necessary to take away public organizations from the list,” emphasizes Roman Semenukha.

“Secondly, it is necessary to ensure that such people can participate in the voting only if they have lived in the relevant institution for six months. This will provide each member of the precinct commission, each representative of the candidates for deputies with a proof of the real existence of these people. The third amendment was about the creation of two registries – for the people who really live in an asylum and are registered there, and separately for those that are only registered there. This would significantly reduce the risks.”

However, the deputy says that it was not possible to constructively discuss the bill #3833, because Speaker Andriy Parubiy did not give the floor to all the MPs that wanted to say something, and the Deputy Minister of Social Policy manipulated the facts. Fortunately, there were not enough votes to pass the document in the second reading.

Today, Samopomich prevented yet another attempt to disgrace the electoral legislation by opening the possibility for large-scale falsifications, “concludes Roman Semenukha.

Roman Semenuha
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