Samopomich: Disregard for a people’s deputy is a disregard for the whole Ukrainian nation

In a democratic parliamentary-presidential republic, moreover, in a country that is at war, the parliament and government must work together to overcome the external threat and stabilize the state’s economy by adopting and introducing qualitative reforms.

Despite the fact that Samopomich is in opposition today, the faction has always supported reformist laws and initiatives of the government.

Therefore, the attitude to MP Yehor Soboliev shown on Friday by the Prime Minister of Ukraine during an hour of questions to the government in the parliament is a gross violation of the parliamentary ethics and an unacceptable way of communication of state officials with people’s deputies and people.

The Samopomich Union faction demands from the Prime Minister an apology for insulting the people of Ukraine, whose representative is the people’s deputy, and appeals to the Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to respond to the gross violations of ethics in the parliament, which is the country’s supreme representative body.

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