In a couple of days Samopomich gathered more than 30 thousand signatures against the holding of elections in the occupied Donbas

Today, deputies brought to Parliament more than 30 thousand signatures of Ukrainians collected in just a few days that demand not to hold elections in the occupied Donbas.

“This is exactly the time when Ukraine should finally decide to protect its sovereignty. Normandy Four’s meetings, consultations in the Presidential Administration, discussions in the Parliament – today Ukraine is making decisions upon its sovereignty.

Within a few days the “Samopomich” party very quickly gathered more than 30 thousand votes in cities and villages to help the President of Ukraine, the Government and Parliament to defend the sovereignty of Ukraine. And people said a very clear “NO” to the special status of Donbas, which will destroy the Ukrainian sovereignty in the form that is proposed by the Minsk agreements.

“NO” to the elections in Donbas – because, in fact, this is a political nuclear weapon, a bomb that will destroy the Ukrainian sovereignty.

“YES” to the recognition of the fact that Russia occupied Ukrainian territories.

“YES”, we must recognize that this is a war and the Russian Federation’s aggression against Ukraine. We must recognize this and adopt in the Parliament a “Law on Occupied Territories”, which will not only define this, but will also draw the path of de-occupation and liberation of the temporarily occupied territories. And while they are temporarily occupied, we cannot do anything, because this state has been falling apart economically and in military way for the past 4-5 years.

We must build a powerful economic and military state. These people who have realized this and signed help us to fight for the sovereignty

Glory to Ukraine!  – Oleh Bereziuk, on behalf of the Samopomich Union faction

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