Samopomich is collecting votes in the Parliament for the dismissal of Nasirov and Bilan

People’s deputy of the Samopomich faction, Andriy Zhurzhiy, stated from the rostrum of the Verkhovna Rada that he was collecting votes of MPs to register the decree on dismissal of senior management of the State Fiscal Service – Roman Nasirov and Serhiy Bilan.

The deputy noted that the anti-corruption amendments to the Tax Code of Ukraine, provided by the bill № 5368, which had been adopted that day, would not be effective as long as such corruptionists as Roman Nasirov and Serhiy Bilan occupied leading positions in the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine.

“Two months ago Samopomich faction addressed the Prime Minister demanding the resignation of Nasirov and his deputies. For 2 months there has been no reaction. According to my information, the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine reported to the Government that the charges were undisproved. We ask to carry out an internal investigation. The Government could not do it,” said Andriy Zhurzhiy.

Given the abovementioned, Samopomich has launched “STOP BASTARDS” campaign, which encourages all entrepreneurs whose rights have been violated by employees of the State Fiscal Service to send their appeals to, and collects signatures for the registration of the decision of the Verkhovna Rada, demanding the Government to dismiss the senior leaders of the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine

Andrij Zhurzhij
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