“The proposed land market means an insolent seizure of land by oligarchic structures” – Oleh Bereziuk

There is no law on the extension of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land on the agenda of the parliament for the next plenary week.

According to the chairman of the Samopomich faction Oleh Bereziuk, this decision is extremely important, and if it is postponed till the last plenary week of the year, there might be not enough votes for its adoption – since the probable adoption of the budget this Thursday will allow the deputies to start their Christmas holidays next week .

“Ukraine needs the land market. This is an axiom. But what kind of the land market? The market offered by the President would mean an insolent seizure of lands by oligarchic structures through the hands of individual agricultural holdings. Which, in turn, means a decrease in the proportion of farming and individual farmers who were completely destroyed at the beginning of the twentieth century, but have been born again in the past 25 years,” says Oleh Bereziuk.

He also draws attention to the fact that the termination of the moratorium can have unpredictable consequences – the struggle of peasants for land.

“Today there is a war – raider attacks on the farmers’ property with forged documents and court decisions take place every day. And we do not know what will happen if the moratorium is not extended, because this will fuel the conflict in the countryside,” the chairman of the faction is convinced.

“The authorities have once again failed to provide the society with a model of the land market that would take into account the restoration of farming and farmers as land owners in equal conditions for all market participants,” Oleh Bereziuk underscores.

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