Samopomich denies the information about negotiations on joint candidates with other forces

Samopomich Union does not participate in any negotiations concerning nominating candidates for the presidency in Ukraine.

Neither the leader of the party Andriy Sadovyi nor any of the public figures of the party did not conduct such negotiations. We would like to ask all Ukrainian politicians to refrain from inappropriately mentioning Samopomich Union and its leader.

“I hold meetings with Ukrainian and foreign politicians quite often. The President, the Prime Minister, various party leaders, other famous people like to come here. Perhaps, the atmosphere here is good. But these meetings have nothing to do with the “negotiations on unification”. With all due respect to the abovementioned persons,” said the leader of Samopomich and the mayor of Lviv Andriy Sadovyi.

We shall recall that today, May 23, in an article “Silence in response. Why Sadovyi does not want to support Hrytsenko” (“Ukrainska Pravda” news agency) Anatoliy Hrytsenko claimed the existence of a negotiation process regarding a joint presidential candidate, in which the leader of Samopomich Andriy Sadovyi allegedly participates.

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