Samopomich calls on the government to hold an off-site meeting in the Luhansk region

Behind the endless talks of people’s deputies about early elections and disputes over the date of the inauguration of the newly elected President, there is an attempt by politicians to cover up the omissions that led to fraud and robbery, against which people had made a stand when changing the authorities. This was stated by the chairman of the Samopomich Union faction Oleh Bereziuk.

An example of this is the Luhansk region, which, according to the chairman of the local Samopomich organization in the Luhansk region, Mr. Ryzhkov, suffers not only from military actions, but also from the inaction of central authorities.

He notes: “Luhansk region is drowning in corruption. Over the past five years, the Luhansk region has been almost 100% destroyed. The potential that was there after 2014 is being destroyed.”

Firstly, when answering the request of the Lysychansk City Council, First Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Minister of Economic Development and Trade Mr. Kubiv, said that that it was not advisable to carry out any economic reforms of industry recovery in the 150-kilometre zone from the demarcation line.

Secondly, there is the question concerning the restoration of industry and the obstruction of the free movement of goods by order of the state enterprise Ukrzaliznytsia.

The politician adds: “I also draw attention to the fact that corrupt actions of law enforcement agencies are covered by the leadership of the Luhansk military-civil administration and everything possible is done to prevent the public from being able to influence the results of this body’s actions. In the course of four years, four leaders have done nothing to restore peace, tranquillity, and economic viability of the Luhansk region.”

Summing up, Mr. Ryzhkov appeals to the leaders of the state, people’s deputies with the requirement to pay attention to the Luhansk region and hold an off-site meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers there. 

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