“Samopomich” is calling on the parliament to remove a criminal regulation from the law on the Anti-Corruption Court

The Verkhovna Rada adopted in the first reading a draft law No. 7441, which amends the law “On the Judiciary and the Status of Judges” in connection with the adoption of the bill “On the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court”. The faction of Samopomich in the Verkhovna Rada supported the document.

When discussing 7441, the representatives of Samopomich once again reminded that the parliament had to correct the criminal regulation which suddenly appeared in the draft law on the Anti-Corruption Court. We are talking about the regulation, in accordance with which the new court will not consider the appeals against the sentences passed by the courts of first instance in the cases investigated by NABU and transferred to it by the time of the creation of the Anti-Corruption Court.

MP Olena Sotnyk emphasizes, “We can correct this situation and make it so that by the time the Anti-Corruption Court starts working, these will be the courts of general jurisdiction that will examine the appeals, but as soon as the Supreme Anti-Corruption Court is fully established, it must be the one to consider all appeals against top officials and corruption cases.”

“This is a clear demand of the IMF, society, people and the Samopomich faction. And we will keep insisting on this,” the deputy concludes.

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