Samopomich is calling on parliament to vote for the new Electoral Code

Parliamentary elections with open lists and on a proportional basis, as well as the abolition of deputy immunity. According to Andriy Sadovyi, this is exactly how the responsibility of the authorities in the country can be improved.

The leader of Samopomich and the first number of the party’s electoral list wrote about this on his Facebook page.

“Tomorrow is the last working day of the current parliament. And at the same time, this is the last day when this parliament can adopt the new Electoral Code – with a proportional election system and open lists. These are the changes that were promised by all the parties that entered the parliament after the Revolution of Dignity. Yet, the coalition did not have enough will to adopt them. We will see if this convocation will manage to finish its term on a positive note,” said Sadovyi.

The politician has also confirmed that Samopomich will join the rally “Final battle for open lists” on the square in front of the Verkhovna Rada. He recalls that in addition to elections on a proportional basis with open lists, Samopomich in its program proposes to eliminate Regional and District State Administrations, reduce the number of MPs to 300, cancel deputy immunity and adopt the law “On the President of Ukraine”.

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