Samopomich urges the parliament to support the creation of Silets community in Lviv region

The communities of five settlements in the Lviv region have been working on the creation of a unified territorial community since 2015. On May 4, 2018, people submitted documents on the creation of the Silets community to the regional state administration. Unfortunately, they have not yet received any answer, even though the law provides a 10-day term for this.

In addition, the initiators of the association have faced another obstacle – the city of Sosnivka, which today belongs to the city of Chervonohrad in administrative terms, should become the centre of the United territorial community.

Consequently, the communities that decided to create Silets territorial community are now appealing to the Verkhovna Rada deputies seeking support for their desire to change the administrative structure and to separate Sosnivka from Chervonohrad.

“We are asking people’s deputies to hear the people of Sosnivka, 95% of whom when surveyed voted for the disconnection from Chervonohrad. Sosnivka is a city of miners, of kind people who want to build their own happy future,” said the chairman of Sosnivka initiative group for the creation of the Silets community, Oleksandr Svyryd.

“Despite the fact that the authorities claim that the unification of communities is a voluntary process, we know how many examples of forced unification in the interests of some people seeking enrichment there are in Ukraine. Against this backdrop, the efforts of those people who are fighting for the right to independently manage their communities are even more valuable.

Undoubtedly, communities need finances and powers to be efficient. But what is their worth if there is no will and desire to manage them in the interests and for the benefit of the community? Silets community has both the will and desire, therefore, the parliament must support people,” states the Vice Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Oksana Syroyid.

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