Samopomich demands to increase financing of the “warm loans” program to 2 billion hryvnias by 2019

The financing of the “warm loans” program in the draft state budget for 2019 should be increased from 400 million to at least 2 billion hryvnias. This was stated by MP Viktoriia Voitsitska representing the Samopomich Union faction.

The parliamentarian argues, “The external insulation of homes alone will save up to 20% of the cost of heat, and along with the replacement of windows, boilers it can result in the decrease of utility bills by at least 2/3.”

In the meantime, because of the current condition of Ukrainian houses, most of the funds that Ukrainians spend on heating are wasted on heating the atmosphere, instead of making their own houses warm. At the same time, the government keeps telling us that people should be getting ready for yet another increase in price to at least 9,000 hryvnias per thousand cubic meters, whereas only 400 million hryvnias are allocated in the next year for the “warm loans” program, which has already proved its effectiveness.

“If things continue like this, we will not insulate our own homes even in a thousand years,” the MP is indignant. “This is a shame and this is a policy in which it is easier to keep Ukrainians hostages to the system of subsidies. It is better for the government to make Ukrainians the slaves of the state control system instead of investing our money in making us energy efficient, energy independent.”

Samopomich insists on allocating at least 2 billion hryvnias for the “warm loans” program in the budget for 2019.

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