Samopomich insists that the stationary work of all higher education institutions that are forced to dissolve students for the winter time must be ensured

According to Anna Romanova, a Samopomich representative in the parliament,  well-known higher education institutions throughout the country reported that they were shifting to a distance learning and “learning outside the institution” during the winter time. As a matter of fact, this means that universities are forced to close their doors for students until the spring due to the lack of funds for heat. Moreover, we are talking about large state universities throughout Ukraine in every region – starting with such a landmark university as Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University, ending with Lviv Polytechnic University, Odesa National University, Chernihiv National Pedagogical University, as well as universities in the Dnipro, Prykarpatia, and so on.

According to Anna Romanova, the reason for such decisions is one – draconian tariffs and the inability to pay for heating. “This is also a result of an inefficient decentralization policy – the central government has transferred powers to the local level, but has not supplemented them with the appropriate means,” Anna Romanova notes.

“Samopomich Union is appealing to the Cabinet with a request to intervene in the situation and ensure the steady functioning of all universities that have announced the transition to distance education.

“We state that the country does not have a tariff system which would let the health care and education systems survive. There is no strategic state policy in the field of higher education either, since there is no quality methodological basis for distance learning, which is proposed to be introduced for the period of university closures; distance learning is not even introduced into the legislative field. This is a fiction. The truth is, by the spring time students will actually remain in the streets.

In addition, this situation once again illustrates the absence of a state policy in the work with young people and in addressing the problem of mass emigration of young people. It is much easier for talented Ukrainian students to enter Polish or Czech universities and even get a scholarship there. We have gifted students in Ukraine, but the state cannot even secure buildings with heating,” the deputy underlines.

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