Samopomich demands to put to the vote the law on temporarily occupied territories and a decree on Avakov’s resignation.

MP Yehor Soboliev has underscored the requirements of the Samopomich Union faction on priority draft laws and decrees, which must be considered by the Verkhovna Rada committees and put to vote in the Parliament.

“Ratification of agreements on international cooperation, laws on increasing fines for throwing litter in forests – all of this is good and Samopomich is voting for this. However, in the time of war we need to focus on more important things,” says Yehor Soboliev.

Therefore, the faction is addressing the Speaker and members of the Committee on State Construction and Local Self-Government, in the first palace, with the requirement to consider a draft law “On the temporarily occupied territories” today and to put it vote in the Parliament tomorrow.

“In the case of adoption of this bill, it allows exclusively humanitarian goods, food and clothes to be sent to the occupied territories for the people under occupation. All other trade is to be banned, Russia is to bear legal responsibility for the violation of the rights of our citizens in these areas, for the destruction of the infrastructure and for everything that has happened under their hoof.”

The second requirement of the faction is to the Committee on Law Enforcement. Samopomich is asking the Committee to consider a draft decree on the resignation of Arsen Avakov today and to put it to vote tomorrow.

“We have long ago filed this draft decree. Subordinates of the Minister of Internal Affairs attack the veterans of the war for independence under the city of Bakhmut, a person with some unexplained incomes is nominated for the position of the National Police Chairman  – all of this shows that Arsen Avakov is a threat to the country and he should be fired,” says Yehor Soboliev.


Yehor Sobolev
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