Samopomich demands from the government to stop the destruction of a strategic enterprise – Poltava Bread Products Plant

During a briefing in the parliament, MPs Roman Semenukha and Anna Romanova, who had a working trip to Poltava last week, urged the government to immediately react to the situation at the state enterprise “Poltava Bread Products Plant”.

“In the spring of this year, a number of events occurred at the enterprise, which caused the suspension of its activity. First, the grain and raw materials worth of tens of millions of hryvnias disappeared, then the director disappeared, searches and electricity cut-offs began. All this resulted in a suspension of the enterprise’s work, delays in the payment of salaries to employees. In the end, out of 200 employees, only one third remained. Wage arrears have reached over five million hryvnias,” said Roman Semenukha.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy appointed a temporary head of the company, who managed to partially launch the work of the plant, but his tenure came to an end in the summer, and the ministry showed criminal negligence by not extending his contract or announcing a competition for the vacant post of the plant’s head.

“Such actions of the acting head of the Ministry of Agriculture have led to the fact that contractors are now refusing to cooperate with the still “alive” and so much necessary for the Poltava region enterprise, and this is the way to a complete bankruptcy of the plant,” says Anna Romanova.

According to people’s deputies, the monopolist of the “bread” sphere, who seized it in the times of Yanukovych and continues to monopolize it today, might be interested in such a scenario.

“A question arises: in whose interests is the government, in particular, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, acting today?” – Roman Semenukha is indignant.

The MPs state that Samopomich will monitor the situation at the plant. It will require a fair investigation, bringing those responsible to justice, paying wage arrears, and resuming the operation of the enterprise, which has once been successfully operating in the region.


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