“Samopomich” requires the government to monetize subsidies

Today, the subsidies for housing and utility services are provided by the state in a non-cash form, so people do not actually see the amounts of money that the government gives for them to pay for gas. At the same time, 38 billion hryvnias were allocated by the government from the state budget for the subsidies, while “Naftogaz” supplied gas in the amount equaling to 28 billion hryvnias.

“As a result, people only hear the numbers of virtual calculations taking place in the state budget of Ukraine. Therefore, we need to put an end to the billion-hryvnia barter and clearing existing in the country, and switch to the cash payment system,” says MP, deputy chairperson of the Committee on Construction, Urban Development, Housing and Communal Services, Aliona Babak.

According to the lawmaker, tomorrow on the agenda there will be the law “On Housing and Communal Services,” which, among other amendments, suggests government’s paying subsidies in cash. “Thus, people will get the money to their accounts and will be able to use it in order to pay for utilities and energy efficiency implementation,” concludes Aliona Babak.

Alona Babak
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