Samopomich insists that law enforcement must immediately intervene in the situation with the architectural heritage of Odesa

The historical and cultural heritage of the city of Odesa is being destroyed. MP Roman Semenukha from the Samopomich Union faction says, “As a result of unscrupulous developers’ actions, today the recreational zone, the resort zone, and the historical and architectural heritage are being actively destroyed.”

Olha Kvasnytska, deputy of the Odesa City Council representing the Samopomich Union adds, “Odesa is in trouble. Bodies of local self-government in the city have turned into a local closed business whose aim is to make money at the expense of the community resources. We have resorted to all possible tools in order to stop the scandalous construction in the recreational areas, historical areas. Criminal proceedings have been launched following our petitions. We have been to all possible offices, have experienced all possible red tape trying to prove that corruption is killing our city, that they are robbing our public spaces.”

According to her, people are losing confidence in the mayor and his managerial staff, while the weak reaction of the central authorities to continuous violations and corruption is also destroying trust in important state institutions – the President, state authorities, law enforcement agencies. Therefore, Odesa residents insist on publicly carried out checks in relation to each scandalous building and on bringing to responsibility those who are directly or indirectly involved in the corruption schemes and large-scale destruction of the city.

Summing up, Roman Semenukha appeals to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Prosecutor General’s Office with the requirement to take the necessary measures to put an end to the destruction of the historical and architectural heritage of Odesa.


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