Samopomich demands from the government to cancel the decree on raising gas prices for the population by 23.5%

Hiding behind the requirements of the IMF, frightening people with the bankruptcy of the state, the government is just patching up the usual holes in the budget, filling the pockets of the gas oligarchs and covering up its own unsystematic work with the irresponsible actions in the gas sphere.

Gas prices for the population have already increased in 2016. Back then this increase was explained as follows:

– firstly, for ensuring the reliability of gas supply. Although, both in 2016 and now the gas needs of the population are actually provided for with Ukrainian gas. But Kyiv remains without hot water for more than 6 months, in the winter period, boiler houses in Smila, Kropyvnytskyi, Zhytomyr, Hadiach, and so on were shut off;

– secondly, enhancement of the energy independence of the country, that is, its own gas production. The Concept for the development of the gas industry in Ukraine adopted in December 2016 envisaged the achievement of full gas independence by 2020, that is, an increase in our own production by about 30%. Yet, in the last three years, the growth has been less than 3%.

Whereas the non-transparency and corruption of the gas industry remain at such a level that even the state-owned company Ukrhazvydobuvannia could not get permission from the Poltava Regional Council to develop a field. That is, Ukraine has remained energy-dependent, while corruption has increased so much that no one has invested in gas production in the past 4 years;

– thirdly, the need to overcome the corruption component, since different prices for the population and enterprises allow regional gas companies to distort consumption data and actually sell the “preferential gas” to the wrong categories of consumers, illegally making money from this in the form of subsidies. However, over three years, the government has done nothing to change this scheme. It could have ensured individual gas consumption metering system, for example.

The current change in the price of gas during the heating season can result in the losses for enterprises, the accumulation of penalties, and will then cause material damage to both territorial communities and taxpayers. The penalties imposed because of the irresponsible actions of the government will be paid from the only possible source – local budgets.

Already now, the debts of the heat supplying enterprises to the gas supplying company amount to more than 13 billion hryvnias, and the penalties are about 7 billion hryvnias.

The government deliberately makes people poor so that to supposedly protect them later with the mechanisms of “subsidies”. But in fact, this is aimed at increasing the super-profits for gas producing companies.

At the same time, Ukraine produces its own gas, and it makes up more than 60% of what we all – both the population and business – consume. But, according to the new rules, we have to pay the European price for it.

Samopomich requires:

  1. To cancel the decision to raise gas tariffs for the population.
  2. To ensure compliance with legal requirements regarding 100% individual gas metering, primarily for the recipients of subsidies.
  3. To increase funding for state programs in the field of energy efficiency, in particular, the program of warming both apartment buildings and houses in cities, villages and towns from 400 million to at least 2 billion hryvnias.
  4. To ensure real monetization of subsidies – the transfer of funds directly to the subsidiary, not to the service provider.
  5. To create a state fund (or to expand the capacity of the energy efficiency fund) to support investments in the projects aimed at the readjustment of the heating systems (from 4-pipe to 2-pipe ones) for a large-scale establishment of individual heating units and the possibility of a significant reduction in heat and water losses in networks, for the rational consumption of heat and improvement of the quality of services by regulating the consumption of heat in apartment buildings.
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