Samopomich faction in the Kharkiv regional council urges SBU to investigate the manipulative statements of Artiushenko

Samopomich faction in the Kharkiv regional council has appealed to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine Vasyl Hrytsak with a demand to investigate the statements of MP Ihor Artiushenko, who on January 18 accused deputies of the Kharkiv regional council Viktor Kysil and Vitaliy Bushkovskyi of alleged separatist intentions. The reason for such statements was the arrival of the deputies in the village of Kruchyk in Bohodukhiv district.

The local community sounded the alarm: a company “Kharkivenerhoprom” is going to extract shale gas on their territory. The people being concerned about the environmental consequences of the extraction and about the fact that their opinion is ignored appealed to the deputies of various levels seeking help.

Samopomich deputies were among those who came to listen to people. However, instead of clarifying the situation and seeking understanding, the local authorities and the gas company proclaimed them separatists. On November 26, 2017, an initiative group, led by local activist Liudmyla Antusevych, held a meeting and declared itself the source of power. They said it was the Constitution that gave them the right to do so. They said that they would manage the territorial communities of the villages of Kruchyk and Pavlovka themselves, and that from then on all decisions related to the exploration and gas extraction should only take place with their participation and with their consent. Various authoritative bodies were informed of decision.

On January 16, an article appeared on the Apostrophe website, where the events in the Bohodukhiv district were compared with the events in the Donetsk region, during which pro-Russian forces led by Medvedchuk incited people to oppose to the exploitation in order to prevent energy independence from Russia. In Kharkiv, there was no such “political trace”, so they decided to find it: the head of “Kharkivenerhoprom” Anatoliy Yaroshenko called the deputies from Samopomich “the leaders of this process” and said that they were protecting not Ukrainian interests. This is despite the fact that these were not only Samopomich representatives that came to the local community following the appeal for help. “Several times there were representatives of the “Right sector” at the community meetings as well,” says Viktor Kysil, a deputy of the Kharkiv regional council. “However, they are not remembered for some reason,” he adds. The topic was picked up by other media, and on January 18, MP Ihor Artiushenko spoke in the parliament addressing the chairman of the SBU and the head of the government with an appeal to stop the “separatist activities” of the Samopomich deputies.

Such a manipulative statement agitated the faction of Samopomich in the Kharkiv region, since both deputies have repeatedly proved their patriotic position, and Viktor Kysil even served in the military unit #9951. Samopomich deputies also urge the head of the SBU to conduct an investigation into the activities of SBU officers in Kharkiv region, “who, according to our information, during the past few months, have been carrying out implicit investigative actions without the grounds provided by the Code of Criminal Procedure. These actions include wiretapping of Viktor Kysil and Vitaliy Bushkovskyi. We ask the SBU to give an appropriate legal assessment of such actions and bring those involved in them to justice in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. We are convinced that it is unacceptable to use law enforcement agencies of the state in the commercial interests of certain high-ranking individuals; this discredits the Security Service of Ukraine and is a crime,” the statement says.


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