Samopomich requires that the Kherson deputy suspected of corruption step down

The Executive Committee of the Samopomich Union party requires that the deputy of Kherson City Council, Arkadiy Podliesnyi, step down from office voluntarily, in connection with the investigation. We shall recall that a criminal proceeding was opened on suspicion of his committing a corruption crime in the course of duty.

“The main priority of the Samopomich party is the fight against corruption in Ukraine at all levels – from top officials to rank and file officials and deputies of all levels. Therefore, in each case of suspicion towards the people who are the Samopomich representatives in the governmental bodies we will demand that they step down,” said Chairman of the Executive Committee of the party, Oleh Lavryk.

In addition, Samopomich will require the Samopomich deputies in Kherson City Council, who are occupying the leading positions in public utility companies or city council offices, to decide whether to continue their work there, or to carry out their duties as Samopomich deputies.

“The combination of these functions results in a conflict of interest. Thus, if people want to hold these positions, we will require them to leave the deputy’s seats voluntarily within 2 weeks. If deputies fail to do so, we will act in accordance with the procedures specified by the legislation,” concluded Oleh Lavryk.

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