Samopomich demands to stop political persecution of its party members

According to the Deputy Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, Oksana Syroyid, the Ukrainian law enforcement agencies, which should be ensuring safety of every citizen, are currently either largely connected with the criminals or engaged in persecuting the political opponents of the government.

Members of the Samopomich Union Party are being persecuted. For example, Borys Babiychuk – Samopomich deputy in the Volyn region, member of the environmental commission. Yesterday he was subpoenaed, today there will be a court hearing to select a preventive measure for him. The charges against the man are absurd and are based on the fact that he purchased GPS trackers for himself and his children and sold one tracker to a bus driver.

MP Tetiana Ostrikova emphasizes: “The SBU in the Volyn region sees a great threat to national security in this because it turns out that a GPS tracker is a dual purpose device, and according to the SBU, by using it one can secretly receive information from communication channels.”

But that’s not yet the worst of the Security Service. The SBU in the Rivne region sent a letter to the city council, which said that during the execution of counterintelligence activities, they had discovered an advertising structure with a political advertisement of Andriy Sadovyi.

As stated in the letter, one of these structures may contain calls for the overthrow of the constitutional order, violation of territorial integrity, propaganda of war and the like.

In addition, there are many complaints from businessmen regarding the actions of the SBU at customs in the Volyn region, where special services intervene in customs activities, customs clearance and stop imports. Tetiana Ostrikova is convinced: “This is all done in order to create conditions for extortion.”

Therefore, according to Tetiana Ostrikova, we need to eliminate the anti-corruption economic units of the Security Service since they are engaged in exercising pressure, extortion, corruption and political persecution. Secondly, the people’s deputy demands that the Prosecutor General take control of the Babiychuk case and pay attention to what the SBU management in the Volyn region is doing.

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