Samopomich has expelled Natalia Veselova from its faction

Samopomich faction decided to exclude Natalia Veselova from the faction.

The exclusion was due to her actions discrediting the reputation of the Samopomich faction and political party. In particular, we are talking about the initiation of the draft laws that deny the occupation; the denial of the fact of occupation in the public speeches, contrary to the position of the faction.

The last straw was today’s vote for the extension of the law on the special status of Donbas, against which all members of the Samopomich faction opposed.

These actions indicate that Natalia Veselova does not share the position of the faction, its values and principles.

Natalia Veselova had been previously encouraged to leave the faction voluntarily, but she did not accept this decision fearing to lose her mandate.

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